Scientific blue – mechanical and pure

An exacting fact on the light spectrum

Right between green and purple.

Vibrating light waves at so many cycles per second

Will give you Blue every time. Every single time.


Practical blue –common and everyday

Comfortably relaxed pants can’t help but be Blue Jeans.

An efficient stove burns a Blue Flame.

Save some money on a Blue Light Special.

Aromas of ‘fresh meatloaf today’ are served on a Blue Plate Special.


Poetic Blue- retold, restated

Azure skies in the fall, just before the snow

Sapphire gems in a jewelry box

Cerulean oceans cresting and flowing

Cobalt blue, metallic and cold.


Emotive Blue- moods and feelings

Angry Blue from a foul-mouthed comedian

Musical Blues lilt from a dilapidated guitar

Sad blues – so melancholy , so low, so sighing


My tender wife tells me,

“What nice Baby Blue Eyes.”

I like that.  Hearing that from her is

Better than all the other Blues put together.