This is a mostly true story of my dad Chet and his crew as they worked on a hot August day back about 1967.  He and his men earned a degree of celebrity for awhile over this one.  The picture here is how he looked at about that time.

Johnson; Chet in the railroad newspaper



Young Harvey Simpson slew his mom

One steamy summer day.

He stashed her body in the tub,

Packed up, and ran away.


He headed out his back screen door

Then down some dusty roads.

He jumped aboard a big dump truck

Sat down in its big load.


The truck stopped near the railroad yard

So Harvey took a leap.

He broke into a storage shed

And spent the night, asleep.


He wakened when a train came by

Then slid on down the line.

He knew that he could run and hide

By moving, pine to pine.


All morning long, he moved this way

He neared the very next town.

And then there came a sudden noise

That made him turn around.


A work gang came along the rails

Chatting up the day.

Inspecting every inch of steel

For cracks along the way.


So Harvey hid back in the woods

He made himself stay still.

But then the foreman tipped his hat

And looked beneath the bill.


His name was Chet, he wiped some sweat

That dripped down from his hair.

He caught a glimpse of Harvey’s face

And knew that he was there.


Chet kept on moving and told his men.

“We have to clear the bend.”

Then on the radio he called the cops.

Harvey arrested.