The directions are simple… use an anagram of your name and write a poem based on that anagram.   NAPOWRIMO fortunately included an anagram generator to use.



(in imperfect limericks)


John would retire to bed each night

Along with his wife Eleanor

He’d kiss her good night

She’d cower with fright

‘Cuz she knew, here comes the big belly snore.


John fell into slumber, making snore-sounds of lumber

Falling from a geese-laden truck

Or maybe his gasps

Would sound just like the rasps

That you’d hear from an asthmatic duck.


His snores were so loud, he could muster a cloud

Of thunderstorms, raining out elephants

They’d bounce on the ground

And created such sound

As if they were mixed up Gregorian chants.


John tried everything from his mom’s bag of tricks

Teeth frames and socks filled with garlic

And stuff up his nose,

And butter between his toes

and pillows of onions and cheese sticks.



John never quit making his raucous loud snores

And Elinor grew used to such clamor

She decided instead

To enjoy him in bed

And considered it a life filled with glamour.