I’ll get this out-of-the-way first.  Can we please STOP with the snow?  We received another 9 inches of snow Thursday night, adding to the drama of a long, drawn out winter.  Do you want another laugh?  As I sit and write on this Monday afternoon, there are another possible 4 inches coming… and it has indeed already started, so I am considering browsing through the legal books and see what the weather and insanity have in common.  I did spend Friday morning clearing the driveway – schools were closed, so Wilma and I did not go with a local elementary school on a field trip to an area Boy Scout Camp…. Oh well.


Wilma and I caught “42” early in the week…. Being a baseball fan, it was good to see.. and it was a good movie.  I wrote a review here in this blog, so I won’t repeat myself… but I would recommend this movie for everyone – at least to remind the viewer of what happened back in the 40s… and how in some ways there is still room for improvement.


The saga of finding replacing our kitchen counters continues with ups and downs – and threw itself into a complete spiral today.  Wilma went to order the whole package… (we had even picked out a new sink and faucet…) and lo and behold, the company that we were going to go with told us that the tiles we wanted were that nice low price because there were only 37 square feet left, and we need 40.  So, down goes the project, and down goes Wilma’s hopes…. Again…. ISH!


Baseball.  It is, after all, April.  So where is my BASEBALL?  I follow the Minnesota Twins – have done so since they became a team in 1961 and will continue to do so as long as I am able.  But, cripe, rainouts and SNOWOUTS?  Just more of the joy brought to us by a ravenously sadistic Mother Nature.


And then, I get to end with this.  For the first time in over a year, I was able to donate blood at a local Red Cross blood drive.  I had been ineligible for a year after a trip to Mexico, so this was my first time back in just over that time period.


This particular blood drive was located at a small country church, about 10 miles south of town.  I drove down in cloudy skies, my GPS being of no help for some reason – it couldn’t find it, no matter what information I typed in – address, street, the town … so I just guessed a little of how to get there – and made it safely.


I was a walk-in.  I had no appointment, but after the usual paperwork, I was on the table, my blood filling that funny little bag, the attendant tending to me in with every trained bone in his body.  The computer was happy with my donation, and so I was dismissed to the snack table.


Did I say snack table?  Let me be clear.  I grew up around church basement ladies.  I know what they do and how magical they are.  Well, this little Catholic church in the stone filled fields of central Minnesota might as well have been the Hall of Fame for church basement ladies.  I was fed a home-made vegetable beef soup that had just as much TLC in it as it did great flavor.  I was served by a lady named Grace.. and the kitchen staff included Alice and Gloria – all white-haired wonders, Merlins of the kettle crowd.  I ate a bowl, visited with them a bit, and took my leave with a warm belly.


I’ll be going back there for other blood drives.  I could eat that soup any day.


Well played, church basement ladies.