TEN FORTUNE COOKIE LINES (from various angles)


You may look like a frog and sound like a frog

But even frogs have important things to do.


You can scale the highest mountain, gaze in every direction

And still have no idea how big God is.


It is better to be a river that is slow and deep than to be one

That is shallow, fast, and evaporates in the heat.


A useful wing has many feathers.


You cannot see the wind unless you see what it moves.


Ocean waves keep coming and coming, never giving up.


Even the smallest plant will grow after the

Most violent volcano cools.


Every raindrop offers life.


A caliber of a man is not measured by the weapon he owns.

Neither is owning a weapon a measure of the caliber of the man.


The world and all that is in it is a symphony of God’s composition.