squander clove miraculous abscond upwind owl
dunderhead Cyclops willowy mercurial seaweed
gutter non-pareil artillery salt curl ego
rodomontade elusive twice ghost cheese cowbird truffle svelte quahog



The ghost had an ego

Oh my, yes he did

And a miraculous way with owls.


Using both his ego and his power over owls

He drifted upwind

Crossing the path of a

Mercurially angry Cyclops


A great battle between ethereal and monstrous followed

The Cyclops pelted the ghost with a virtual artillery of salty seaweed

The ghost hurled cheese balls filled with garlic cloves.


They squandered away the hours and days

Both elusive in escaping his opponent’s weaponry.

In a while they realized that if they combined their armament,

They had a rather tasty salad


So they became friends-

the ghost curled around the Cyclops shoulders

And they fought no more.