The usual stuff in some ways… and an opportunity or two, and music.  That was my week


Bowling league is done for the year, so we ended with a nice banquet on Wednesday.  I was pleased to bring home some hardware (League championship and League Rolloff Champs) and some prize money … which is a big plus.  It was a good second year in which I saw my average start out fine, dip down quite a bit, and then recover nicely after I got a new ball.  I have met some great folks as well.  My team gets to bowl in the City League Winners Rolloff in a few weeks…. I’m sure you’ll hear about that.


More usual stuff: church choir, the annual church congregational meeting, and all that… nice and usual.  Also, we’re looking at new counters, so we got some legwork done in that area.  We have some good ideas what we want and it’s out there.  I hope we make a decision in the next week or two.  Wednesday Men’s’ Bible study is edifying as always, too.


But then the highlights of the week….. Personally, it was Friday.   I started out with a special eye appointment.  At my regular eye appointment, the doc and I had decided I needed to be checked and tested for excessive eyelid sag… so that test was done on Friday.  The test  – a peripheral test; in which I cover one eye and stick my face in this machine that reveals little tiny lights all around the potential visible area for each eye.  Then, the assistant taped up my eyelid and tried again … and then I retested.  When the doctor came in to report, his words were immediate, “Charlie, I guess that was conclusive.”  So, this guy will be getting an eyelid lift in the near future.


A former student invited me to lunch … he and I have been pals for a long time now.  He and one of his associates broke bread and discussed a proposal they had…. They want me to use my educational experience to help them develop a product they’re working with.  I am so very flattered that they chose me to talk to.  I don’t know where it is going to go yet, but we’ll see…..


Then Friday night was Poetry group time…. And it was a good evening.  A few new faces showed up, and there was a good exchange of poems from everyone.


Concerts… .yes, TWO concerts.  Wilma and I headed north to the next town up to take in a concert by the LEGACY CHORALE OF GREATER MINNESOTA… an all Celtic music concert.  Wilma and I have sung in this group often, but this time I was out due to doing FORUM and Wilma just needed a break…. It was a very nice concert, complete with live bagpipe music.  Kudos to the group!


Then the next day was the Heartland Symphony concert – our local area orchestra.  They presented a concert of movie music – everything from GONE WITH THE WIND to STAR WARS music.  Very satisfying indeed!  Sadly, the director of four years – popular with audience and musicians alike, has resigned, so the group is looking for a new leader.


It was a full week.  New things are showing up.  That is an exciting concept!