the winter being so odd around here, this had to be written….

–          She wears a wig from Wal-Mart.

–          She thinks Global Warming is a big trick being purported by Jack Frost

–          Her favorite color is Manatee Grey

–          She gave up Daylight Savings time for Springlight Savings Time

–          She gave of her time in India. (No, wait.  That’s Mother Teresa….)

–          No matter what you hear, she’s replacing Leno in 2014.

–          She gets a royalty check of $8.36 every time someone says, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

–          She doesn’t like her own mother-in-law.

–          She’s going to record a duet of WINTER WONDERLAND with Tony Bennett

–          She opposes any sanctions on North Korea.