I did go for a a walk down my street.  We have had a long winter here, but I’ve been trying to avoid writing about it, since it is such a cliché in a way to write about winter and snow when one lives in Minnesota.  The way things have been going, I find it necessary, finally, to write about the snow and the winter that has been so persistent this year.  I’ll shut up and let you read.





Snow again and again and it is April.

Not January.  Not December or February.

It is April. Mid gawdawful April.


It had almost melted a week ago.

The clear roads made driving easy again.

The sense of spring was just barely perceptible.

But snow came back in a flash so it is white again.


White is everywhere I walk.

The new snow is unwelcome, even if it is clean and white.

The old snow is unwelcome because it is the old snow.

White. White. White.


It went from ‘almost gone’ to ‘always here’ in just a few hours.

Towers of snow had melted, only to return again.

White on the sidewalks, white on the roof, white in the trees.

Please.  I am begging you.  Let go of us.



I can’t tell if it is erasing me


Giving me a clean page to write on.