Week 14

Once we got back from Indiana, it was back to the routine.  Wilma back to doing some of her work on the music festival and as a substitute teacher, me to my bowling and a few other things.

Bowling – this was the last session of the year.  Our efforts today were just for fun; we did a nine-tap tournament, in which anything that’s a nine or better is a strike.  I did pretty well, and it was fun to see everyone having such a good time.  A month or so ago, we saw a guy bowl a 300 game against us – well, he really pulled it off in an amazing way today – he bowled 2 – yes TWO – 300 games… both of which had a few nines in them, so they weren’t honest 300s, but it was fun to watch anyway.

Wilma has wanted new kitchen counters, so we started the ball rolling on that.  Before Easter, I had gotten a few estimates to see where we were, and then Saturday we went to Home Depot to see what they had to offer.  When it all comes down to it, the job is so much more than we thought – even though we’re not doing it ourselves, the things we’re finding to have to get new counters is quite stunning.  We may have to remove some of the cabinets to get it done, since the appliance garage may function as a load bearing space for the cabinets – and to get new counters in, we have to remove the garage, and hence the cabinets.  My favorite Swedish expression applies here…. UFTA!

We were quite glad to get back to see a good deal of the snow gone.  There’s still enough left to keep us from doing yard work – that’s a while away yet, I fear.  I did get my bike out and took a short ride … and on Friday I walked to the school where Wilma was subbing – gotta get that exercise in.

I spent this morning at the eye doctor for my regularly scheduled checkup.  I’m due for a prescription change, so I have some frames to check out.  Wilma and I enjoy helping each other select new frames – it can be fun to see what differences there are out there.  I suspect I may write a post on my adventures with eye doctors over the years.

April is National Poetry Month, so as a novice poet, I joined in on the ’30 Poems in 30 Days’ event sponsored by the same people who do the “Write a Novel in a Month” event.  (Napowrimo.net)  I have my efforts all posted here on my blog.

Weather?  Don’t ask.  And this weather is to continue for the week.  Pee-yew!!!