‘Twas in the deep winter of twenty-thirteen,

The snow kept fallin’ and fallin’.

Each day it got deeper, ne’er goin’ away

And soon the people were callin’


We need the strong arms and firm back of Big Jim

Save us from the blizzard, we pray, man.

You must save us all, Jim, or else we will be

Stranded ‘neath the white forces of Satan


Big Jim saw the challenge and answered the need

He donned his coat, hat and his best gloves

Next were his boots, then a scarf and face mask

He said to his wife, “Wish me well, love.”


He opened the door, strode out into the storm

The wind was piercing and blowin’

He slogged through the snow to the two stall garage,

Opened the door wide to go in…..


Snowblowers need gas, so he filled up the tank

And started the blower a’goin’.

He sped up the engine and opened the doors

Went out to the snowin’ and blowin’.


He cleared a wide path down the sidewalk and then

He blew out the driveway, a lane wide

He looked down the road saw the city plow come

It steamed towards dear Jim, right on his side.


Jim realized that his blower was stuck in the snow

It spun but was stuck in the snow bank.

The city plow neared him and buried him deep

Beneath the big plow with a big clank!


Jim shoveled no more, dead at age fifty-four,

Gave his life for his family and neighbors

Does anyone know why the snow takes a toll

On our heroes that die in their labors?