Most of this week has been spent with my mother-in-law in Indiana.  We figured that since Wilma’s dad died in February, it would be appropriate to visit Wilma’s mom for the Easter weekend.  We left home on Wednesday (after bowling – and as always, more on that later…) and got a chunk of hours out of the way before we exited the freeway and took a hotel room for the night – then again on the road for nine hours the rest of the way on Thursday.  Elaine had a nice pot roast dinner for us and then, 45 minutes after we had arrived, we were off to her church for an Easter Cantata.


Well, I can tell I’m an addicted Lutheran.  The service was nice and everything, but no Bible verses were read – the songs and all that were nice, but there was no reading from the Bible about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane or the centurions (and What is Maundy Thursday or Good Friday without a solid appearance by a centurion?) – I missed hearing the actual word.  Oh, there was narration to go with the music, but it was all paraphrased passages from the Bible.  Why not just read the actual passages?  Like I said, I’m Lutheran – and worse, Scandinavian Lutheran….  And like I said, the music was nice enough.. a choir, some soloists, good narrators, piano and synthesizer accompaniment, a lady in charge of lighting candles at the appropriate times – but NO organ, NO hymn to sing along to—


Friday found Wilma, Elaine and me going through all of Wilma’s dad’s stuff.  I will be bringing home shirts, sweaters, jackets, socks and his set of golf clubs.  I have more things to look through today in the garage, but I really couldn’t use any tools – I’ll just see what happens.  Wilma and Elaine put the rest of his clothes in bags and we made a run to Goodwill – and that’s a good thing.  That night, Wilma’s sister and family joined us for supper at Elaine’s house – chicken and ham and good conversation, just like always.


Wilma and I made a down the road to a flea market – all indoor.  I picked up a camera tripod, Wilma got a wooden breadbox and a few other things – it was nice to get out a bit.  We strolled around town a bit to get some exercise and see some of the older architecture in the town – some nice mid 1800s American type work.


Easter Sunday – dark and dreary in the morning…. Back to Elaine’s church for some more non-Lutheran worship – which was okay, but I sure missed a pipe organ and those familiar Easter hymns – JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN TODAY … and stuff like that.  Good sermon and all …


Then over to the sister-in-law’s house for Easter dinner … always a good time there, too… brother in law Bill gave me a wooden furniture clamp that his uncle used many decades ago  – Bill had one on the wall being used as a place to display pictures – and I admired it so that he gave me his extra one.  It’s a long wooden bar, maybe 40 inches long, with a wooden screw on one end and a sliding wedge on the other – very AMERICANA, very cool.


We’ll be leaving today or tomorrow – gotta get back so Wilma can do a substitute teacher job she has on Thursday.  It’s been a good visit.  The folks down here are downright good – and downright important to me.


I mentioned bowling.  This past Wednesday was the last session of the year that counted… well, might I add that it ended well!  Our team took first place – and then took first place in the playoffs.  I’m just tickled at how this has all gone – our team members averages – Frank does a 150, I ended with a 152, then Lois with a 130 and Mike with a 100…. Doesn’t sound like first place work, but there we are, on top of the league list!  Because of our victories, we also get to participate in the City Bowling Playoffs at the end of April – probably get ourselves womped something serious, but hey, what fun!!!  Our sponsor – THE BRIDGE OF HARMONY music store (owned by good pal Jon L.) will be proud of us… and next year I’m going to make him buy us new shirts.


And so to the errands for Elaine, then pack and head home.