Okay, first off, I think I have this bowling thing down.  ANOTHER 500 series… specifically 513, so that’s three in a row…. What a great way to end the season!  We started the day in first place, but we split the games, and I don’t know how the second place team did, so I won’t know until I go bowling on Wednesday…. But it’s a good feeling.  We have rolloffs this week to see who really wins the big banana, then a week of silly bowling, then a banquet.  It has been a good second year for me.

I’ve started trying to lose some weight.  I mentioned that in my last journal entry – and so far, down eight pounds.  I am hungry at times, but I’m surviving… and geez, I could use some potato chips or chocolate chip cookies or ice cream or something… and you know, it’s not like I’m going to go hog-wild on this losing plan, so there will be room for those less than fruitful items, just not nearly as much room.

Palm Sunday.  Gray, dreary.  Sure wish the weather would have been brighter.  Spring days like this should just be that way.   We did the usual gig at church…some choir songs, I played trumpet for the opening hymn… stuff like that.

Our cat – haven’t even introduced her here at all, I think.  Ella is our cat – a plain ordinary tabby.  We’ve had three cats – and Ella is the gentlest of them all.  She doesn’t bite, she plays gently, (she is frontally declawed). and she is just so cute!   The picture below is our Ella – which is a photo that has been photoshopped into a drawing….

Our daughter Pebbles and her hubby are off on vacation for a week.  Coming to see us?  No.  Going to see her brother  Bam Bam in Colorado?  No.  Grandma?  No.  And yes, I’ll let the other shoe drop …. Can you say FIJI?  Pebbles and Chopper are going scuba diving with some friends.  I’m excited that they have a chance to go to such a neat place… maybe someday Wilma and I can get there….. but for now, we’ll settle for our Easter plans, which I’ll talk about next week.

(Added item) – I spent Monday afternoon at a lecture about the political layout of the world.  Tom Hanson, a very knowledgeable man who is connected with the University of Minnesota- Duluth, delivered a very interesting perspective of the political climate in the Middle East, in Asia, in the countries of the Pacific rim and other matters.  There are new leaders around the world, there are economic trends that are changing the face of how everyone needs to do things, the new technologies out there are pretty much so new yet that they’re unsupervised, the population of the world is aging – and he did it all in a fair and balanced manner.  I will go again to hear him.

Here’s to the last of winter’s hold on our existence….