Snow.  More snow.  Even more snow.  Even more snow yet.  Followed by snow.

I back out of the garage and the snow banks are as high as the driver’s window on our minivan.  In our little car (a VIBE) you can’t see for diddly squat at intersections.

I think you get the idea by now.

I have had the pleasure of getting in touch with my high school English teacher.  He and I have been exchanging emails now for nearly a year.  He’s been retired himself since the 90s, and now active at his church, writes for a few different publications, and does some travelling.  We even had a chance to meet for lunch last fall.  It is so good to be in touch with someone who was part of my beginnings – I owe him quite a bit for that, and for his encouragement of my writing today.

Wilma whipped up another batch of lamb stew.  This time it included parsnips and rutabaga.  It’s good stuff that is well worth the work….. Lots of time spent cutting up the veggies, and then letting it cook…. Which was done in a slow cooker…. But it was GOOD stuff.

And speaking of slow cooker, she did it that way because we needed to go to a concert.  Wilma is very instrumental in a music festival we have here…. 7 concerts in 3 weeks of August, complete with 75 performers from around the nation… this concert was to announce the programming for those concerts.  It was a great concert….music provided by the local guy (who is now a graduate of Eastman School of Music) and two gentlemen from the Minnesota Orchestra.  Well attended, and well done!  The website, you say?

Wilma and I are very glad to be part of a unique event out of church.  We sing in choir there – and have done so for 30 years.  Over the last several years, a good chunk of us go out for bagels between services.  We drive to the local bagel shop where we sit and kibbitz about the problems at church, the local news and politics, and items just in general.  The very cool thing is the way we’ve developed into such a neat set of friends… there’s the retired teachers like Wilma and me, a tax preparer, a former school board member, a retired hospital administrator …. We truly enjoy each other’s company and look forward to our time between services so very much.

Every week I include a word about my bowling escapades…and this time it will be no different…. I had my best time EVER EVER EVER!!  164, 206, 179 for a total of 549 .. .and if you include my handicap of 51, it’s a legitimate 600!!!  Now that’s what I call satisfyingly fun!

Then there’s the ‘serious’ moment of the week … I have officially decided that I need to lose some weight…. I hinted at this a few postings ago when I asked for volunteers to be my BRUTE SQUAD … my goal being to find a few friends to harass me – nag me—encourage me – to do some exercising and some rational eating, allowing me to lose that 30 pounds I want to take off.  I only had one taker … a former student (who I’ve lovingly called KARROTBOTTOM ever since I had her as a student – red hair, you know….) accepted the challenge and has been good in sending me a message very now and again, asking how I’m doing.  It’s too soon to say exactly how I’m doing… but I will get there.  So, between Wilma and Karrotbottom, I will see my goal met… and that’s a good thing.  By the way, you’d all like Karrotbottom… she’s fun to be with, she’s such a good person.. and she’s the mother of 7 … yes, 7, as in dwarves and the lucky number…. (post publishing note: I heard from Karrotbottom the day after I published this.  It’s not 7, it is 8 kids.  So much for being able to use some clever words and the number 7…..)

So on into what we laughingly call Spring…..