Gray.  It has been gray for a long time, and it has affected me.  I can’t wait for spring to pop out and give us all a big fat hello.  We got 8 inches of snow a few days ago … a thick, heavy wet pile of snow – and everything in sight is white (the cleaner snow) and then shades of gray numbering at least into the 100s….


Of course, snow leads to outside duties.  I have a good, strong snowblower – a JohnDeere 600, I believe.  It has an electric start, which is a dream to use.  The controls are smooth – 6 speeds forward, 2 reverse.  It does the job well – fortunately.  A good Minnesotan needs to own some sort of snowblower – if at least to be able to brag about it.


Bowling – second best of the year!  147, 188, 188 for a 523 series.  My average went up some.  I was glad to have Wilma come and watch for a bit – it’s not been her idea of fun, so it was special to have her come and watch the last game.  I really appreciated that.  There are only 3 sessions left – I’m hoping I can get my average all the way up to 150… its at 148.9 right now. 


I am officially ready for spring.  We have enough snow on the ground now so that it will last a good long time… easily into April.  A nice gentle melt would be nice – if it gets too warm too quickly, then we get floods and messes and all the fun that comes with that. Image