This morning I saw a bumper sticker on the back of an SUV of some sort.  To the best of my memory, here it is.  I know the first two words and last two words are correct.




And this is what I’ve been trying to address in some of my blogs.  The disrespect, the ugly behavior – none of it is fruitful.  This kind of thing just brings up more questions …


Someone had to CHOOSE to put this on the back window of their car –It had to be a deliberate thing – it took two decisions –to pick it up somewhere (did they buy it?  Was it a perk for joining a club) and to install it.  The window needed to be cleaned for it to stick there.  This person had to clearly think it was a good idea to put this kind of thinking out in public for everyone to see.  Was there any consideration of the children who might see this?  For that matter, was there any consideration of the role modeling this person was presenting for his/her own children – or grandchildren – or neighborhood kids?


Somewhere some company thought it worth their time to produce such a bumper sticker.  I don’t know if it was a for-profit company or a gun rights organization, but it still took someone the time to design this, present it to a boss and have it approved and produced. 

I’d like to ask those people why they thought this was a good idea.


This bumper sticker assumes that anyone who has other opinions than expressed on the sticker is indeed a DUMBASS.  I resent that.  I am not a dumbass – at least, not regarding this issue.  Am I, by merely following this vehicle, in that particular category?  That is simply illogical.   


Yes, I know – there’s freedom of speech.  With every right we have, there’s a responsibility to use that right with care and honor.  I see neither care nor honor here.


And maybe, just maybe, I should have a sense of humor about this all, and that’s all this is.  I’ve been told I’m a funny guy – that I have a good sense of humor.  Or maybe it has nothing to do with one’s sense of humor.


This person clearly owns guns.  I hope they enjoy them and use them safely.  This person apparently feels gun control is an untouchable right.  Clearly, too, this person is angry about the whole issue.  That is fine, too.  They have every right to do and say what they want – including displaying such stuff as this.  They also have the responsibility to understand that people who see this (like me) will deem them with despair – and maybe even discount such opinions as close minded and maybe even ignorant.


So if you think our country has a problem with some of the issues out there – no matter what that issue is – perhaps the more deeper issue is the lack of respect that are displayed for others and by others.