I got my Wilma back!  She had been out-of-state for most of February, dealing with her father’s death.  She was gone from the 4th through the 13th, and then the 19th through the 28th.  I am so glad to have her back here… her companionship was missed and will be relished again.  I picked her up at the airport Thursday morning after staying at my sister’s house… and to our benefit, Wilma was able to get an even earlier flight than she had planned, so we get back home a good hour and a half earlier.  Brownie points for that, lemme tellya.

She’s getting right back into work as the executive director of a non-profit group here (LAKES AREA MUSIC FESTIVAL) and is jumping back into her part-time work as well.   She works at an intense level sometimes – where I find I need to just stay out of the way, occasionally helping when I can.  I’ve delivered materials for her and done other errands … makes that job go a bit smoother.

It was otherwise a quiet time.  That ‘limbo’ feeling we feel when someone in the family dies has faded away, and we can resume normalcy.   I have had occasion to visit with our kids some on the phone, and have had time with Wilma to just talk about her dad and how the month elapsed.

Oh joy and rapture, there’s another snow storm coming our way.  All I can say is this without losing my mind … “SPRING CAN’T BE FAR AWAY!”  I am hungry for the warmth of spring and the crack of the baseball bats that it brings.

Bowling – well, wasn’t I just Mr.Consistency this week!  165, 158, 162…. Pretty nice.  The cool thing was watching a guy on the other team bowl a perfect 300 against us… .I have never had the chance to see such success!  It was SO very cool!  And even despite that, we won all the games… so bring on next week.