March 2013 starts tomorrow – 2 months of my 60th year are complete…. And I need a Brute Squad.  I have a project in mind that will require the help of 4 people who will serve as my brute squad for that project.

Wilma will serve as an honorary Brute Squad member.

The project?  That will not be revealed until I have my Brute Squad in place.  You will not need to leave your home.  You will not need to send money (although that would be allowed).   It will require nothing more than communicating with me.

Are you willing to help me with something?  Are you willing to share the title of Brute Squad Member with a few others?  There are no special skills, no special training, no midnight powwows.

And how do you earn such an honor?  That, my dear friends, is easily done…. IF, that is, you know what a Brute Squad is.  If you wish to be part of the Brute Squad, you are to write to me privately at my email address ( and identify exactly what a Brute Squad is.  I will select the best four answers to serve as my Brute Squad, along with my wife Wilma.  Oh, and just to be honest about it, I will probably pick people I know, so if you read this and don’t know me but still want to participate, then your answer better be superb.  I will select the Brute Squad members on Monday, March 4, 2013.

Your mission will be explained at that point.  Your duties will start immediately and conclude upon completion of the project.  The project length is immaterial to you – I will be doing the work – but it will take more than a month and had better be done by the time I hit my sixtieth birthday, which is on December 6, 2013.

Any takers?