It was a full week.  Wilma and I drove down to the big city so she could catch her airplane out to her dad’s funeral service… or more appropriately, Celebration of Life Service…. Which would be very appropriate for him…. We ate at a BUBBAGUMP restaurant, where we did pretty well with the trivia…. Then up early for Wilma to catch the shuttle bus to the airport at 4:30 am… and me back on the road and home by mid morning…. Bowling in the afternoon found me improving my average by one pin, which is good …


The play resumed Thursday night with one of the best performances of the run.  The audience was good, the cast and orchestra were on – a good zippy job of it all.  Friday found a small audience, but there were many friends from church in the crowd – I can’t tell you how nice it is to have so many people I know come to the show and see my work.  I am moved to see familiar faces that bother to stay around to see me.  More on that later… Saturday found my two sisters arriving to see the show – again, I am so humbled by them coming …. They stayed overnight and sang in the church choir with me the next morning, then shared a brunch at a local eating establishment with some of those same church friends who had come Friday night.  We closed the show with our final run on Sunday afternoon – and of course, had our one and only sound problem… a HUGE loud hum erupted through the hall in the middle of the first song… seems there was a bad connection with the synthesizer in the band …. Got that fixed and the show ran and finished on time… again, so glad to see a couple who bowl with me… they were so nice to come over and say hello and visit for a bit…..


The plan had been to drive to get Wilma today … but I begged off.  I was especially tired Sunday morning, and there was a wicked storm possibly in the way, so I emailed Wilma and told her so … we decided she’d fly back on Thursday.  I get her back for awhile – YAY!


I did feel so remote from the family since I had to miss my father-in-law’s service.  I felt amputated.  I wanted to be there with Wilma and her family.  It wasn’t a ‘guilt’ kind of thing at all – I was comfortable with the decision we made that I should stay with the play… Its part of that ‘a husband and wife are one’ kind of thing – if indeed we are one, then it is difficult to be apart, which it was …. In some ways, the whole situation has made us a stronger couple in some ways…. We’ll see how we grow from this.