ImageThe first 4 performances of the show are done now – and things have gone quite well.  I am so very awed by the friends who have come to see the show – Thanks to Gabrielle and Lawrence, Lynn and Rob, my own Wilma, Diane (a good friend from up at the lake), former student Kris Carrotbottom – and Kevin – and Meredith and Jon  – and so many others.  Attendance hasn’t been sold out by any means, but that’s the way this town is – once word of mouth gets out, people will call for tickets and then we’ll see larger attendance.  Either way, I am so grateful to my friends for their support.  To top it off, my sisters will be coming to see the show on Friday – and that is just more icing to the cake of people who mean so much to me.

The show itself – there is so many wonderful people involved – from the cast members, to the pit orchestra, to the techies doing lights and sets and costumes and the backstage help and the sound.  Shows like this just don’t happen without many hours of work on behalf of so many people.  I guess there’s a real reason they call it ‘community theatre’.

Wilma and I have been busy assembling a slide show for her dad’s ‘Celebration of Life Service”, which will be on the 22nd.  It’ll run 10 minutes, with 120 slides or so, and some good family music.  We’ve come across a good deal of amazing photos of Grandpa – it is just amazing how the internet world allows us to get pics from Wilma’s sisters, and how the computer helps us put together a DVD that will be such a wonderful record of her dad.  Due to the play, I will miss the service, and I guess I still feel a bit uneasy about that, but I have to trust Wilma and her family trusting this decision.

The week has been pretty much consumed with these two things.  We got to church on Sunday – Wilma sang a song with the bell choir, and I sang with the choir – which Wilma just couldn’t do – the choir sang “Children of the Heavenly Father”, which is a family anthem, so she didn’t think she could get through it.  Don’t blame her at all – and neither do our very good friends in the choir.  It was good for Wilma to have all her choir friends there give her hugs and to just touch base and share her grief with her.  They are a special sort.

Wilma and I did get out to her favorite restaurant for Valentine’s Day …. a rather muted holiday this year with her father’s death so recent…. but out we went – and even managed to exchange cards and little gifts…..

There’s been so much stuff online about gun control and President Obama.  I understand the frustration of the folks, but I find myself confused by the fruitlessness of some of that anger.  I get it that some folks oppose certain matters, but the anger itself produces no good.  Sounds like a good topic for a separate post to me.

Halfway through February.  On goes the year.