Grandpa and Grandma T. invited us to go camping with them several times over the years.  They owned a travel trailer that they drove throughout the USA – mostly in the central states, and then later wintering in Florida.

One summer, we camped with them at a lake near here.  It was a quiet afternoon – our son was getting quite tired, but could not get to sleep in the trailer.  He was restless to the point where he just rolled around the bed and complained how he just couldn’t get to sleep.  Grandpa picked him up and took him outside.  The two went over to a picnic table in the campground, where the shade was cool and the air calm.  Neither wore any shoes.  The year was around 1989 or 1990.

In a matter of just a few minutes, our son fell asleep, after a few minutes of thumb-sucking and quiet conversation with Grandpa.  The picture here, processed through PHOTOSHOP to create that same summer mood via line drawing and some coloration, is the two in that summery sleepy mode.

And now, Grandpa has left us.  He died last week, but its these kind of tender moments that mark our lives with him.  Our son is now 24, living on his own and enjoying his own career that was influenced in so many ways by his grandfather.