If you’re going to post a MEME – you know, one of those poster type jobbies that has a catch phrase on it – keep some things in mind…. And yes, this might seem a bit preachy.

Many MEMEs are innocuously cute and harmless.  Kitty posters, animals smiling and babies doing unusual things are fun to share.  Some of them even take on a life of their own, becoming viral almost as quickly as they are first posted.  There is seldom any risk at all in passing these along to brighten someone’s day.

Many are so terribly humorous – occasionally tastefully so, occasionally rudely so, but humorous nonetheless.  My first experience with this category would have to be those famous DEMOTIVATIONAL posters.  I’m sure some found them offensive, and I’m also sure some laughed so hard that indeed certain parts of the anatomy fell off, if you know what I mean

Then there’s the language to watch out for, too, that may appear on some of the MEMEs.  Again, your call all the way.   F bombs?  Just sour language?  Like so many humorous things, you have to know your audience.  You might have to choose a bit carefully when it comes to some of the humor MEMEs out there.

There are the devotional MEMEs ….. and I find these to be fine – and the better ones let the picture stand for itself, with as little text as possible.  If you have to explain why a picture is good, then maybe it isn’t as good as you may think.

I’m sure most everyone has seen or posted a MEME with a neat quote on it — political, humorous, sports minded, motivational, devotional – they’re all out there.  Often these include a picture of the person who says the quote… Mark Twain, Gandhi, Walt Disney, Sally Ride …. There are many good words out there that should be passed about.

Now the preachy part.  I have a real problem with MEMEs that deliver half-truths, mislead, or make amazingly confusing leaps in logic.  These have a place, and by all means, pass them along…. BUT THEN…. I encourage this…..

If you have any doubt at all about the source of a MEME, check it out.

Cross check such MEMEs online with other fact checking type sources.

Consider if the thoughts are what you really believe – and if you want them truly associated with you – I guarantee, you will be associated with them one way or another by God knows who, because hey everybody, look what I found on INTERNET.

When you post a MEME that may be of the controversial matter, let us know WHY you post it… and just saying “This says it all” doesn’t cover it.  For me, I want to know why YOU posted this one …. What YOU think about the matter at hand….

It seems to me that some of the more controversial/emotional MEMEs have something in common…. They amplify the feelings – they overstate the emotions – of the person who has posted them….and usually this is not the truth at all.  I found myself needing to apologize to a friend, thinking they had gone off the deep end – and then finding out that this friend by no means realized the import of the posted MEME…. I had jumped to some unfair conclusions – and at the same time, they realized they had gone too far as well… Glad to say, we remain in touch and still swap ideas, though we are not necessarily on the same side of the fence.

Post all the MEMEs you want – they are fun, but they can also be loaded.  Therefore, you also need to be responsible for whatever is there.

Better yet, make up your OWN MEMEs …. Then we KNOW it’s what you really think and feel.  Anyone can copy and paste …. We’re all better than that.