Monday night started a string of nights alone in the house.  Wilma and I have been apart a few nights here and there, but this particular run will be a world record for us.  She’s not due back until Tuesday the 12th, so here I sit in my house, doing chores, being online, and all that.  As it was, time passed and Wilma is due home tomorrow… and I seriously will be glad to see her.

The play continues to go well… a little illness in the cast, but that’s better to have now that during the actual run – which opens next week…. We’re running the show with the orchestra now – so the flow is getting under our belts.  I am excited: my sisters are coming to see the show, too.  YAY! To that.

Bowling – gad, I started off horribly….. had to put together a good ending to even break 100 – ended with a 119.  The next two games were better; good enough to save my average.

There’s a big storm coming, which means any idea I had of blowing this town for the weekend went out the window….and good thing, too.  We ended up with almost 9 inches of the beastly stuff.  Wilma and I may need to find ourselves back in Florida again next winter.

Wilma’s dad’s death – things are getting worked through.  The date for a funeral/Celebration of Life Service has been hard to pin down, what with Wilma’s family being around the country some, and me being involved in the play.  Wilma and I had talked about the eventuality of her dad’s death, but decided to go ahead and audition for the play – and what happens happens.  Unfortunately, the way things fell, I won’t be going to the service….. Wilma’s going to fly back here tomorrow, then fly out again in a week to be there for that.  I’ll stay here for the play and then drive down to meet her and spend time with her family on the 25th – or 26th, depending on how I do, sleep wise.

For the first time in a long time, I made a kettle of beef stew.  After a few household chores on Saturday, I made a list, went to the store, got what I needed and whipped up a pot almost just like dad used to make.  I started browning the meat at about 1 pm, cut the veggies, cleaned up my mess (This will make Wilma quite proud of me, I think.) and served myself a bowl of nice beef stew at 5:30.  Quite good if I say so myself.

Sunday found me off to church for the early service.  I wanted to beat any snowstorm, so the earlier the better.  Home for lunch, watch the snow start and get heavier, take a nap with Ella (don’t get any ideas…she’s our cat) and then up and on my feet..  I did stuff around the house while it came down and when it quit, out came the snow suit and the snowblower….. which promptly broke a cotter pin on the chute crank, so I had to take care of that.  In less than an hour, 8 inches of fun and frolic (that’s sarcasm, folks) was taken care of.  Supper from the stew pot again…its always better after it has marinated in itself for a day… and then the TV comes on and I watch the Grammy Awards as I play Scrabble online and take notes.

More snow this morning to take care of….mostly created by the snowplow, but I had that done by 9 am… got a call to go help my good buddy Ted with some shoveling, so I did that too.

So we’re into February now – and I don’t feel any closer to being 60 now than I was at the beginning of the year.  Hoo hah. Having been a bachelor for 7 days, I have managed to eat fairly well, sleep well, take care of the house, and not spend too much money.  How about that! I might just have to take myself out for supper tonight.