(PHOTO: Sitting with Orville this past Christmas …)

My dad Chester  died in 1991.  He was a good father – provided for the family, enjoyed his wife and kids, and did many things with us.  For me specifically, we did chores around the house together, he taught me about birds, we went fishing, hunting, and bowling together… he lived long enough to see his kids grow and have their own families.  I can honestly say that no one could replace my dad….

But take over where he left off?  That’s what Orv did for me.  Following my dad’s death, Orv was my companion many times in the fishing boat – or on the golf courses, or to joke around the dinner table.  He was there to see our children grow.  He was there to offer assistance on household chores that ranged from some minor car repair to helping us do some serious carpentry work.  His advice and counsel came in handy many times.

There’s been a good deal of kidding about the three sons-in-law… I’m the best son-in-law from Minnesota, Bill the best in Indiana and Greg the best east of the Appalachians…. But all silliness like that aside, I think that just maybe Orv looked at the three of us as the sons he never had – not that he wanted them, because he sure was proud of his three girls – I always felt that kind of respect from him.

And then the team of Orv and Elaine.  My parents worked well together as role models for me and my sisters … and then for our marriages.– and so I might say that Orv took over for my dad, but the team of Orv/Elaine have served as a role model of how married couples work at it – and PLAY at it – just as my parents did.  So I have to include Elaine in the kudos written here.

Orv may be gone now, but he’s deep inside us in all these ways.

Thanks, Orv.