Some very important things this week….Image

First, you’ve seen a little of the product of having attended the BLIZZARD poetry retreat in Mankato.  Several of us from the Heartland Poetry group motored down there in our own ways – SuzW, Doris S, Char D. Marta H and her parents… and joined several others at the home of one of the poets down there… SueC. was an amazing hostess, putting up fourteen of us in her home — beds, rollaways, whatever.  Everybody brought some food, and then we sat around in her sun room and wrote and read, laughed and shared for Thursday through Sunday… Suz W gave me a ride home on Saturday… The plain truth is I was pretty much full of poetry by then – I don’t have quite the passion as some of these folks.  I enjoy writing, but that ‘burn’ isn’t quite there.  The picture above is of my college poetry professor John Rezmerski – he was there; it was good to see him again and read some of my poetry for him and to hear some of his very witty work.  *photo from Suz W.

We updated our will.  Lots of things to consider, and I’m not putting any of it here except to say if you haven’t updated your will, or don’t have one, get to it.

Wilma’s dad is failing faster now.  She and I have talked a lot, shed some tears, made some decisions.  We have to get her there, and that’s where she’ll be going next week.

My dad’s been gone going on 22 years now – mom for 17 …. But they went fast.  This lingering thing is certainly new to me.

I’ll be staying here to do my duty to the play.  Progress is being made – lots of good  things happening.  In case you’re wondering, its Feb. 14-17, 21-24, 7:30 for the evenings, 2:30 for the matinees on the 17th and 24th…..