The CentralLakesCollege theatre department found itself as the center of my week.  Monday through Thursday found me at rehearsal.  I have to say that the show is working itself into one of the best I’ve been in – the rehearsals have been going SO very well in so many ways…. Oh, there’s been a few ego trips over this and that, but that’s actors for you, let me tell you.  I have the very exciting privilege of working with Mitch, who plays my son “Hero”.  We have a song together in which we sing about why the local maiden (I want to keep this G rated….) should pay attention to either of us.  The song is fun, but what’s even better is that Mitch and I are connecting on the lyrics and the choreography with what I assume is that old theatre thing called ‘chemistry’.  Mitch acted in DIARY OF ANNE FRANK with me last fall, so we got to know each other a bit.  But now, on this show (A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM) he and I are enjoying the work we do together.  Beyond all that, dances are going well, but I find I have a real need to review and work on the steps… my feet aren’t the most choreograph cal things in the world, so I struggle.  Biggest Challenge dancingwise: getting it right – lyrics AND dance steps – for EVERYBODY OUGHT TO HAVE A MAID…. There are some genuine tongue twisters within each verse, and then with each verse, we add another person to the fray.

There are many others in the show that are doing so well – Barb M plays my wife DOMINA – I’ve seen her around over the years – and it is good to know her better.  Old buddy BillM is in the show: we’ve done a few shows together – and there’s Cheyenne, who plays the young maid…. Looking forward to the opening of the show in 3 weeks.

Like I said, it was a FULL week at the theatre.  There was a memorial service for DennisLamberson, who died of complications after a stroke he suffered last spring.  It was a tasteful service for him, exactly the kind of thing he’d appreciate.  Nice speeches by friends, some music, and some true Dennis Lamberson style flair for fun – 3 ranks of boas draped from the lights to add color…. And then a potluck dinner after the service, as many hotdishes as people could bring in.

Wilma didn’t sub much this week – it just didn’t work out that way.  So, we had some good time together to plan this and that and the other thing.  We finished up the week by seeing LINCOLN for the second time.  This presented us with a new experience – for the first time in my life, I came away from seeing a movie for the second time and thinking it was even better than I had remembered.  (Wilma agreed with me….) I was even more impressed with DanielDay-Lewis’ job as Lincoln – such solid acting that there was no Daniel there – just AbrahamLincoln.  The historical qualities were so clear as well, so much motivation to think about all that went on back then

Our big conundrum – we’re planning a vacation, but things aren’t going well.  Wilma found some negative reviews – emphasize NEGATIVE – that scared us into considering cancelling those plans altogether.  More about that later.

Wilma’s dad is not doing any better.  He’s almost 83, and has been suffering from cancer and the treatment thereof for quite awhile now, to the point that he’s getting weaker and weaker.  I don’t need to go into details here – but we’re concerned.  Any prayers would be appreciated.

Bowling – eh.   An average week, so that’s where I’ll leave it….