Like Garrison Keillor often says, “Its been a quiet week….”  No big family get-togethers – doing ordinary things for everyday life all day long…. so where does that put me for this week?

Rehearsals for A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM have come along with amazing progress!  I have a song with the young man (Mitch) who plays my son – and we have our song off book (that means ‘memorized’ to those of you not in the theatre world) AND our choreography is pretty much down, too.  I think Mitch and I just happen to connect on stage, so that’s why its going so easy for that song.  The song is titled “Impossible”, describing how we don’t know how each other can possibly, in any way, have any luck with the new young maiden at the house of Markus Lykus….. the finale and the opening number are coming along quite well.  One other big number I do is “Every body Ought to Have a Maid”, which offers its own challenges; its longer than “Impossible”, and it involves 3 others, so the choreography has to be clearer.  The lyrics themselves need to be spit out to be clear as well — there are lists of where and what a maid should be doing certain things, and my, oh my, they go by with speed that … well, its fast.

Wilma and I pretty much spent all of our time together all week.  We started the week with a visit to the legal community — time to fire up the old will and all that, especially as we approach our 60th year.  We learned quite a bit, and have some paperwork to do now, which is no problem at all.  I have decided that we are pretty ordinary run of the mill folk as far as this kind of stuff to consider.  Nothing big to have to bequeath, so we’ll be doing the basic boilerplate type stuff…. Interesting in some ways, yes….. Things got done quickly, as far as getting the paperwork manufactured — we spent more time discussing our wishes regarding that important health care at the end of the life issue — and I think we understand each other.

The whole idea of wills is important for all to consider.  With a will, there is less room for debate, less room for hurt feelings, less room for shrugging shoulders over who gets what, who is taking care of what —

Bowling, you asks?  I’ve been in the Wednesday afternoon league for 2 years now, and I am thoroughly enjoying.  Last year I ended with a 152 average, which surpassed my goal of 150.  This year, however, I’m hovering in the low 140s, hoping to get it back to that 150 range.  I’ve been using my old ball from back in the days of Plaza Bowl, where I was in the junior league – and at the Bowling Gardens (both in Virginia, MN) where I bowled in the church league.  My in laws gave me money for Christmas, so I bought myself a new ball – and it has made a good deal of difference.  I have used it in league twice now, and have brought home a 159 average each time, raising my yearly average 2 points.  That’s a big YAY in my mind.

And then there’s the rain.  It rained enough to make things really ishy.  Misty rain came down Thursday night and almost all day Friday, leaving me a mell of a hess to have to clean up.  Thursday night I made sure the rain spouts were out and open — we’ve had water in the basement if we don’t do this….. I scraped the driveway twice, cleared the end of the driveway when the plow came by, and had to shovel enough to let the water running along the curb to get by to the storm sewer half a block down the road.

My reward for all this work?  A clearer driveway, less water standing at the end of the driveway, and the need for hot packs and aspirins for a rather tight and uncomfortable back.

Wilma’s dad is hanging in there.  Wilma has talked to her folks – and she reports they sound better, a bit more relaxed.  Arrangements for specific needs have been made, and there are a couple of visits for them to look forward to — our daughter Pebbles is flying in for a few days this next weekend (from New York) so that will buoy everybody up.  Prayers continue for my in-laws, please, as they go through such a tough course.

We watched the Golden Globes last night, which provided its usual romp of actors across the stage, issuing forth with their thanks and tributes.  The nicest moment came from Anne Hathaway, as she thanked Sally Field for showing that you CAN break out of a stereotypical role — from the Flying Nun to Norma Rae to Mrs. Gump to Mrs. Lincoln… and Anne had started out as a princess from Genovia to now be the unfortunate Fantine in Les Miz…. not much in common between the two.

But really, ARGO as the best movie?  I cannot agree.  It was a good movie, but it just didn’t have the zing that LINCOLN did.  Needless to say, disappointment for me in that one.

I’m one week closer to 60.  Bring it on.